Skill Development University would be established in Faridabad-CM

ChANDIGARH, February 16 -Haryana Chief Minister Mr Manohar Lal today said that Haryana Skill Development Mission has been set up and a Skill Development University would be established in Faridabad for improving the skills of the youth.
The Chief Minister, who was speaking on the of topic ‘Leadership and Commerce’ on the second day of ‘Biz Street-16 Annual Business Festival’ at Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) in New Delhi said that he had come here to share Haryana’s vision with the students of this college. He also appreciated the theme of the festival that is ‘Chase Vision-Not Money’.
He said that the State Government was exploring the possibilities to achieve the target of taking it’s growth in GDP upto 25 per cent. He said that though India today is an emerging economy, yet it has a share of about 2.65 per cent in the world’s GDP. In reply to his question to the students if they have any knowledge that India’s share in world’s GDP was more than 25 per cent, one of the students replied that from 1000 AD to 1750 AD, India’s GDP share was about 28 per cent. To this, the Chief Minister corrected the statistics saying that before 1725, India’s share in world’s GDP was 25 per cent whereas upto 1100 AD, it had never been less than 32 per cent. He said that after 1725 AD, India’s share in world’s GDP started declining and by 1950 it was three per cent.
While comparing the value of currency, the Chief Minister said that at the time of independence of the country in 1947, the value of one dolor was equal to one rupee and by 1972, the value of dolor was Rs. eight. Now one dolor costs somewhere between Rs. 60 and 70. He said that it was for the commerce students to think as to how such situations were created that led to downfall of rupee and they should find out ways and means to again take India’s economic growth to the heights it enjoyed earlier. He also advised the students to read the book entitled “The World Economy : A Millennial Perspective” by Angus Maddison.
He reminded the students that it was India who gave ‘zero’ to the world, which was used for the first time in the 1596. Prior to this, the place of zero was kept vacant. He said that calendar was also given by India to the world.
Referring to Haryana, the Chief Minister said that Haryana is a land of enormous opportunities, possibilities, peace and prosperity. He said that despite two per cent population of the country, Haryana contributes 10 per cent of the soldiers to Indian Army and it’s ‘healthy soldiers and hard working farmers are pride of nation’. He said that the share of Haryana in India’s GDP is 3.5 per cent which is a big share compared to it’s percentage of area. He said that presently the GDP of Haryana is eight per cent and “we are thinking of ways to take it further as Haryana has immense potential. We have the target of taking our GDP to 25 per cent and we have started working on it”.
Elaborating on the vision of improving Haryana’s GDP, he said that the state government in collaboration with Start-up accelerator Chamber of Commerce has prepared plan according to which road shows and boot camps for startup awareness were being organized. Till now, startup boot camps have already been organized in 10 colleges and universities of the state in which thousands of youth have participated.
The Chief Minister identified himself as a student of second year in leadership and that too of a small state of Haryana which has an area of 1.5 per cent and a population of merely two per cent of the country.
Mr Manohar Lal referred about the improvement made in sex ratio in Haryana during last 15 months of his government and added that the girls were taking keen interest in start-up boot camps. He said that a start-up weekend camp, especially for girls and women would be organized in Kurushetra University from February 26 to 28. The women and girls excelling in this camp will be honored on March 8 in ‘Happening Haryana Global Investor’s Summit-2016’ at Gurgaon. He also appealed to the students to participate in this summit.
Mr Manohar Lal also highlighted the salient features of the new Entrepreneur Promotion Policy-2015 of Haryana and State’s advantageous geographical location. He said that it was because of these factors that investors all over the world were attracted to Haryana for their investment. He said that though Haryana is inviting Global investors to invest in the state yet it is not averse to investors investing in other states in the country because India is a cooperative and competitive federal country. “We believe in competitiveness and want to clinch the major share by emerging on the top through competition”, he added.
Earlier, the Faculty Head Dr Suman Bhakri welcomed the Chief Minister.
Others present on the occasion included Principal Dr R.K. Rastogi, Media Advisor to Chief Minister Mr Amit Arya and OSD Media Mr Rajkumar Bhardwaj.