High Court Observations Raise Important Concerns About Farmers’ Agitation, Says Bhupinder Singh Mann.

Chandigarh, February 21: Former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)
S. Bhupinder Singh Mann expressed his views on the recent observations made by
the Punjab and Haryana High Court regarding the ongoing farmers’ agitation.

In a press statement, Mr. Mann acknowledged the court’s
observations as “pertinent and deserving of serious consideration by all
stakeholders.” He specifically referred to the court’s refusal to take up
an urgent mention while highlighting the agitation’s potential politicization.Furthermore,
Mr. Mann emphasized the court’s censure against the use of tractor trolleys on
highways, stating, “The court’s reminder regarding the Motor Vehicle Act
and the illegality of using such vehicles on highways is a concern.”

Building upon the court’s observations, Mr. Mann reiterated his stance held since the agitation’s inception. He expressed concerns about the potential involvement of “political ambitions, business interests, and individuals motivated by communist, Maoist, or Naxalite ideologies aiming to destabilize society.”

He further stated, “These leaders, who have now adopted the
‘green’ banner after the failure of their ‘red’ ideology, seem solely focused
on disruption and chaos.”

Mr. Mann reiterated the importance of addressing the court’s
concerns and engaging in constructive dialogue to resolve the ongoing issues.

He further said that the visuals seen on TV Channels from Shambu Barrier and Khanori barrier give a contradictory impression to the claims of a peaceful protest. The visuals, giving an impression that as if we are going on a war, gives out a very bad impression about Punjab.