Terror, conflict and violence could be put to an end in the world if the basic Indian values become a way of life- Acharya Dev Vrat.

Chandigarh Nov 27 –
Terror, conflict and violence could be put to an end in the world if the basic Indian values become a way of life all over, because the Indian value system was for the entire humanity.
Delivering the keynote address at the 26th annual “goshthi” of the Panchnad Research Centre here on Saturday Himachal Pradesh Governor Acharya Dev Vrat
said that the tenacity of the Indian value system, which had its fountainhead in the Vedas, was testified with the fact that it still persisted to prevail throbbing in our society.
“Don’t we see a roadside star gazer telling us precisely at what times the solar eclipse or lunar eclipse would take place ?” he said recalling the growth that the Indian thought system registered in the ancient times. “Our rishis had profound knowledge about medical sciences as much as about the stars in the heavens,” the Governor added.
In order to convey a universal message for humanity the dharma in true vedic traditions laid down clearly that “do unto others, what you would expect others to do to you”.
This, he said, formed the core of the value system propounded by our ancient rishis and sages. It was further reinforced by the five values , ahimsa, satya, astey, aparigrah and brahmcharya, enshrined in the Vedic system of thought.
The Governor recalled the argumentative tradition of the Vedic times when thought would grow and prosper. “Unless you question a given thesis, how could there be growth of knowledge ?” he wondered. It was because of this questioning nature of our sages that allowed divergent views to prevail simultaneously at a time without causing conflict. Patanjali and Charvak existed hand in hand, though both looked a divergent directions.
In his presidential address noted educationist Dina Nath Batra listed the damage done to the Indian education system by foreigners like Macaulay, MaxMeuller and Marx.
He said there were documentary evidence to prove that Macaulay was paid $ five per page for distorting the meaning and spirit of the Vedas He said it was time that our traditional Indian values are restored to the education system.
Officiating president of the Panchnad Research Centre Dr KS Arya stressed the need to preserve the repository of ancient scriptures so that the present generation could revisit and imbibe the values laid down in them.
Prof. BK Kuthiala, director of the Panchnad , welcomed the chief guest and elaborated on the purpose and philosophy of the Panchnad, which, he said, was basically to keep the tradition of dialogue alive in the society.