Traffic policemen in Gurugram would be wearing a video camera on their person

Chandigarh, Oct 22 – Traffic policemen in Gurugram would soon be seen wearing a video camera on their person as Haryana Government has decided to equip them with modern technology in the form of body worn video cameras which would enhance road safety both for the traffic police and the residents of Gurugram. The policemen would imparted training on the use of the camera and its application software.
While stating this here today, a spokesman of the Police Department said that these are small and rugged video cameras attached to the policeman’s uniform to capture images and record audio of incidents and violations. These cameras have been imported by the Police Department from United Kingdom with the support of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Honda Scooter and Motorcycles India. These video cameras have powerful and easy to use evidence management software. It has comprehensive software application to manage and track the deployment of the camera and to secure the digital video evidence. It provides full audit trail and a digital fingerprint of the video using Serial Hash Algorithm (SHA) that can, if needed, be presented in a court of law and to generate detailed reports that would be used by the Gurugram Police to monitor the project and improve the performance.
These cameras would help in improving road safety and compliance of traffic regulations, documenting evidence, preventing and resolving complaints of the public and strengthen improve transparency, efficiency and accountability of the traffic police in Gurugram.
He said that the video cameras have two inch front facing coloured screen and people can clearly see that they are being recorded. This would further improve transparency. It would help the traffic policeman to review the recording on the spot and show the traffic violation to the people as a part of citizen education and awareness.