Panjab University Regional Centre, Ludhiana organized a Panel Discussion today on “BREXIT – Economic and Social Implications”.

-LUDHIANA-12/8/16,University Business School, Panjab University Regional Centre, Ludhiana organized a Panel Discussion today on “BREXIT – Economic and Social Implications”. Dr. Harish Anand, Economic Advisor, Vardhman Group of Industries; CA Amit Gupta, President Indirect Taxation, Trident Group of Industries; Mr. Mohan Ganesha, DGM, SBI Zonal office, Chanidgarh; and Dr. Kulveen Trehan, Faculty, Dept. of Journalism, Inderprasth University, New Delhi, were the panelists for the discussion.

Dr. Ravi Inder Singh Introduced and welcomed the panelists and participants. More than 200 students from different colleges and Management institutes across Ludhianaparticipated in the discussion.

Panelists discussed regarding the referendum organized by Britain on its continuity with European Union wherein majority of the people voted in favor of exit. They discussed that how in present era of globalization and consolidation, when countries are joining together, forming associations and are removing trade barriers; moving of Britain away from European Union has created ripples in the society. They discussed the various social and economic implications of this move and the different apprehensions in the minds of policy makers, academicians, researchers regarding its aftermath on the Indian as well as world economy.

Mr. Mohan Ganesha emphasized that a period of uncertainty will prevail. However, India will not get affected much as our domestic consumption is very high. The two years window will offer a lot of time for the dust to settle and doubts to remove. Whereas Dr. Kulveen Trehan stressed that it is important to see BREXIT viz-a-viz its geographical & cultural implications on Europe & other countries and not merely its economic outcomes. Mr. Amit Gupta advocated that there is always the strength in union and exit from European Union will adversely affect Britain. Dr. Harish Ananad was also of the similar view and said that Britain should have continued with European Union.

Prof. Harmeet Singh Sandhu, Director, Panjab University Regional Centre, Ludhiana, during his address, highlighted the need for organizing such type discussions for spreading knowledge among the students and teachers so that they will be able to understand the aftermath of BREXIT. He congratulated the UBS Ludhiana for this initiative.