Maharishi Dayanand Public School organized Essay Writing Competition

CHANDIGARH-8-Aug 16, Maharishi Dayanand Public School organized an Essay
Writing Competition on popularization of Science in collaboration with
Science and Technology Department, Chandigarh. About 100 students
participated in the competition. This competition was divided into two
categories i.e., junior and senior. Through the competition, students
conveyed the message that Science allowed us to understand how things
work, but also how to make things happen. Science makes everyday life
easier. The scientific discovery of a method for harnessing electric
energy changed people’s lives forever. Electric light benefits people
every day in inventions. Science is the reason for the quick pace of
modern life. Science makes life safer. Science generates knowledge by
means of new discoveries that are often met with disbelief at first,
but such knowledge eventually becomes widespread and common. Every
school-age child knows the earth revolves around the sun, although
this knowledge was rejected when it was first discovered. Most people
have a basic understanding of natural processes such as how moisture
evaporates then condenses and fall as rain or how oxygen travels
through the body in the bloodstream. Science is the reason for the
ever-increasing understanding that people have about the world around

Students also expressed that renewable energy is sustainable and would
never run out. It requires less maintenance. Their fuel being derived
from natural and available resources reduces the costs of operation.
It produces little or no waste products such as carbon dioxide or
other chemical pollutants, so has minimum impact on the environment.
Mayank,Raj Kumar and Vishal bagged first, second and third prizes in
junior category In senior category Surya Parkash Diwvedi,Aarti Gupta
and Deepika got first, second and third position respectively.
Principal Dr. Vinod Kumar gave away prizes to the winners. He told
that the main aim of this competition was to create awareness of
science and its uses in daily life.