Problem of stray monkeys in U.T. Chandigarh to be solved

Chandigarh, 4th November, 2015:-For the past quite some time, the movement of wild monkeys in almost all parts of Chandigarh has increased causing nuisance and has become major problems being faced by the city residents. Various complaints and representations against this problem are being received in the Administration .The Administration is concerned to save the residents from the scare of wild monkeys. To chalk out an action plan and find a solution to the problem of stray monkeys in U.T. Chandigarh, Director Animal Husbandry U.T. Chandigarh called a meeting of officials of Forest & Wildlife Department, Health Department of Municipal Corporation & Animal Husbandry Department on 28-10-15.

The Forest Department is already taking various measures to control the problem. Regular

monitoring work of all SG sectors of Chandigarh is being carried out by four teams having

two members in each team. They have also issued guidelines for public in case of man –

animal conflict which are available on their web-site. In case of monkey menace or any

rnconvenfence, the -residents can approach the Forest Department through the helpline

numbers issued by the department. The Forest Department was also asked to work on

sterilization of monkeys as a long term measure to control the problem. The officials of

Municipal Corporation & Animal Husbandry also offered to cooperate with the Forest &

Wildlife Department in dealing with any such situation arising out of monkey menace by

providing manpower as pertheir need and demand.

In case of any emergency & need, the residents can approach the Forest &

Wildlife Department on numbers (i) Range Forest Officer, Wildlife Squad : 70870-41948 (ii)

Hotline number (any time ) : 4639999 ,(iii) Forester & Wildlife Inspector; 92164-28398, (iv.)

Forest Guard: 099151-27299, (v) Forester 97801-E 0238 (vi) Office Landline numbers during office hours : 0172-2700217, 0172-2700284.