To prevent dengue advisory issued.

Chandigarher 17 Sept.– Haryana Health Minister, Mr. Anil Vij said that advisory issued by the Department should be followed by the people

        The Health Minister said that the Department has issued an advisory which should be followed strictly by the people. He said that by following the directions issued, diseases like dengue and malaria could be eradicated completely from Haryana. Though the condition of dengue and malaria is under control in the state, yet with cooperation of people, the dengue and malaria mosquitoes could also be controlled.

        Mr. Vij said that the advisory issued by the Department included all do’s and don’ts to control the spread of dengue. Under this, people should fill up the small and big pits around their houses with sand so that water could not stand there. Besides, stagnant water in coolers, flowerpots, broken utensils and useless tyres helps growth of mosquito larvae therefore these things should be kept away from home. He said that children, senior citizens and pregnant women should cover their full body with clothes and use mosquito nets during night. People should clean and cover their water tanks, clean water drinking utensils every day, spray medicines in rooms and immediately consult doctor in case of fever, he added.