“Save Our Striped Friends” strikes an emotional chord with public!

Panchkula, Aug 1, 2015: Mr.Vivek Atray, Deputy Commissioner, Panchkula, kick-started the Tree Plantation Drive at The British School, Panchkula by planting a sapling in the school premises.

The British School, Panchkula has already planted 1100 saplings in and around Panchkula, Nada Sahib Gurudwara, MDC and Mansa Devi Temple. We are also planning to continue doing the same in the times to come. The saplings used in this project are sourced from Horticulture Department, HUDA, Panchkula, Forestry, Wildlife and local nurseries. We always encourage our students to plant a tree on their birthday. Our first sapling of this project was planted in Thapli Nature Camp where the students were taken on an educational tour.

The month long celebrations of International Tiger Day concluded today in The British School, Panchkula with an exhibition “Our Striped Friends” of the projects made by the students of middle classes. The exhibition was seen with great interest by Mr.Vivek Atray, Deputy Commissioner, Panchkula.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Vivek Atray said, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse. Turn off the tap while you brush, turn out the light when you leave a room, use less paper. Don’t use plastic bags unnecessarily. Use glass over styrofoam and don’t buy stuff you don’t really need. These seem like small things but they aren’t. When you save the earth’s resources, you are saving tigers.”

The students of middle classes were divided into groups and were allotted a Tiger Reserve. They made models on these reserves. The reserves selected for this project were Jim Corbett, Bandipur, Sunderban, Rathambore and Kanha.

The students enthusiastically enacted a play giving the audience a message to save forest and save tigers. The power point presentation prepared by another group of students was applauded by all. The projects were judged on their creativity, confidence, presentation and elocution.

The younger ones participated in Inter Class Group Recitation Competition, reciting poems on Tigers. Class 2 of both the branches was adjudged the winner in this competition in category 1 and Class 3 of Sector 12 and Class 5 of Sector 8 was the winner in group 2. They also participated in Drawing and Colouring Competition where the theme of the same was Save Tiger and Save Forest. First position was bagged by Dhruv Singhroha of Class 1 A, Zorawar Singh Bassi of Class 1 B, Kaya Parashar of Class 2, Juanita Puri of Class 3, Sanath Garg of Class 4 and Navdeep Kaur Saini of Class 5. Second position was secured by Tarushi Gaur of Class 1 A, Reet Sodhi of Class 1 B, Advit Saini of Class 2, Simrat Banwait of Class 3, Samar Aryan Garg of Class 4. Third position was bagged by Aayaan Sharma of Class 1 A, Hritiv Jindal     of Class 1 B, Amanat Verma of Class 2, Zuha Khan of Class 3. Fourth position was bagged by Ayaan Arora of Class 1 A, Veer Dabas of Class 1 B, Harshita Gupta of Class 2, Dipanshu Saini of Class 3.

The students were given a questionnaire on Tigers to make them aware of their lives. Project Tiger Safari saw all the students experiencing the safari with all the props and placards.

Principal of the school, Ms.Anita Mehra congratulated the efforts of the students and encouraged them to create awareness amongst the youth to save tigers and save forest. She said, “Tiger conservation is involved in attempts to prevent the animal from becoming extinct and preserving its natural habitat. We should all put in our bit to protect them. We are trying to spread the message through our students.”

Director of the school, Mr.Sanjay Sethi said, “Launched on 1 April 1973, Project Tiger has become one of the most successful conservation ventures in modern history. The project aims at tiger conservation in specially-constituted ‘tiger reserves’, which are representative of various bio-geographical regions falling within India. We are educating our children today to be more attentive and cautious towards this cause.”