Hindustani Classical vocalist .


Chandigarh-29 Sept,Hindustani Classical vocalist Vinita Gupta hails from the Rampur Sadarang Tradition and owes her tutelage to the Late. Dr. Sharayu Kalekar and Vidushi Sulochana Brahaspati. Having performed on numerous classical platforms over the years, Vinita has developed a

distinctive style of her own and believes in the unification of the divine and the soul through her music.

Outside of her forte of Hindustani music, Vinita has worked on a fusion project along with her musician son – Delhi based Music producer, composer and singer Vinayak Gupta, and together they released an EP named‘ Inflections’, featuring some of the most well known musicians from  Delhi music circuit. The song ‘Tore bina piya’ from the EP was nominated in the category of ‘Best Pop Artist ’for the Radio city Freedom 4 awards. For this exclusive at The Tagore Theatre, Vinita along with her band would be performing a variety of some original compositions, reinterpretations of traditional raag based compositions along with Sufi poetry, Ghazals andmusic that has inspired her over the years. The lineup includes some of the most seasoned musicians from Delhi.