Lecture on Legal Literacy: A tool for Women Empowerment held at GCG-42, Chandigarh

Chandigarh, 15th Nov, 2017: An educational session on ‘Legal Literacy: A tool for Women Empowerment’ was delivered today at Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls-42, Chandigarh by renowned city based advocate Sh. Ajay Jagga. The objective of the session was to educate the students of the college about their legal rights that they are entitled to, thereby creating necessary awareness and action skills. Sh. Anurag Agarwal, IAS, Home Secretary, Chandigarh was the Chief Guest and Sh. R.K. Popli, PCS, Director Higher Education, Chandigarh was the Guest of Honour on the occasion.
The function began with a lamp lighting ceremony by the dignitaries, followed by saraswati vandana. Addressing the audience, Sh. Anurag Agarwal stressed upon the importance of such educational sessions to educate girls in their early years about their rights. He further added that women can save themselves from any kind of exploitation only if they know the proper laws and practice them in each and every aspect of life. Sh. Anurag Agarwal also appreciated the joint initiative undertaken by Sh. Ajay Jagga & Chandigarh Administration of educating the girls of the city about the laws & regulations for their own safety and also to spread the knowledge in their peers and family.
Speaking about ‘Legal Literacy’, Sh. Ajay Jagga said that India is a country where women have been treated as the creator, architect, protector & preserver of the society since ages. In today’s time also be it in the parliament, defense, educational institutions, financial organizations or law & order, women have equal opportunities & presence as men. However, it is an irony that even highly educated women are not aware about their legal rights.
Sh. Ajay Jagga said, “Only when women understand the law in the context of their social and economic position can they use the law as an instrument for empowerment (which is having a sense of security and vision of a future, the ability to earn a living, the ability to act effectively in the public sector, increased decision-making power in the household, mobility and visibility in the community, and the ability to participate in nonfamily groups) and social change. Thus, legal literacy empowers people personally and socially to participate in the creation of their society.
Sensitizing the participants about their rights, he said that what makes a woman stronger is the power in her voice, which comes with the correct knowledge of law & order. He further shared that various laws have been framed specially for the safety & security of women in India. Sh. Ajay Jagga by virtue of cases that occurred in the recent past shared how these laws played a crucial role in giving justice to women. Concluding the session, he stressed on the fact that a woman who knows her right & uses them righteously holds the power to take on the world.