140 Cusec of treated waste water at 35 locations in 21 districts of the State approved.

Chandigarh October 10: Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal today disclosed that a project at an estimated cost of Rs. 235 crore has been approved in principle for utilizing about 140 Cusec of treated waste water at 35 locations in 21 districts of the State.
Mr Manohar Lal was addressing a press conference here today.
He said that the government has a plan to utilize the treated water from Swerage Treatment Plants (STPs) of the State. One pilot project costing Rs. 3.65 crore has been taken up for using treated waste water from three STPS namely Ladwa, Shahbad and Pehowa towns which would benefit farmers of three villages and to irrigate 290 hactare land by micro-irrigation system. He said that in order to effectively utilize overflowing water from 50 village ponds, a novel pilot project costing Rs. 16.68 crore has been approved which would bring 1319 hactare un-command land under micro-irrigation.
“Our Government has also planned to construct small dams for utilization of water from various small rivulets of lower Shivalik hills passing through the State and Feasibility Reports of eight such dams with estimated cost of Rs 273 crore namely Adi Badri, Darpur, Nagli, Chikan, Kansli, Khilanwal, Ambawali . Once constructed, they will have storage capacity of 15130 Acres ft and would irrigate command area of 14,577 acres besides helping in flood mitigation”, he added.
The Chief Minister said that the capacity of the WJC system has reduced over a period of time due to siltation and berms formation. The Government has therefore decided to increase the capacity of the entire system to utilize Haryana’s share in Yamuna during rainy season. In first phase, two components that is enhancement in capacity of Augmentation Canal from Hamida to Picholia from 4500 Cs to 6000 Cs at the cost of 489 Crores and that of WJC Main Line Lower between Hamida and Indri from 15733 Cs to 17530 Cs at the cost of Rs. 120 Crores, have already been approved.
He said that his Government is committed to draw maximum out of Haryana’s due share of water from all the river systems. It is also due to the consistent efforts of this Government that the decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court has come in favour of Haryana and now the Government will leave no stone unturned for completion of SYL. Our efforts for completion of upstream storage dams on Yamuna have also borne fruit and investment clearance of Rs 4000 Crore has been granted by Government of India for construction of Renuka Dam. The projects of two other dams namely Kishau and Lakhwar are also being pursued with Government of India. He said that once these three storage dams are completed, Haryana will receive about 0.83 MAF additional water during lean period which will be sufficient to provide 1719 Cs. for 8 lean months in a year, he added.