Panchkula-5 Oct.It has been long 3 months that people especially the business units are facing the music of the new law. But on the other hand, consumers are being cheated at a very large scale. Under GST, concept of maximum retail price has been vanished for the purpose of charging of tax. The tax is to be charged at the amount at which the seller/shopkeeper sells the goods to a customer. Although as per MRP Act, products are required to display MRP which includes all taxes and levies including the tax to be paid by a shopkeeper. Since a small shopkeeper whose turnover is less than Rs. 20 lakhs does not take registration, hence he should not be charging his part of tax from the customer. For instance a mobile phone which has MRP of Rs. 10,000/- includes all taxes and levies. An unregistered seller who sells this mobile phone to a customer is not supposed to recover any tax, hence he should reduce his part of tax and sell the mobile phone for Rs. 8,500 whereas a registered seller should sell it for Rs. 10,000 out of which he should deposit the balance of Rs. 1,500 with the government.
This should have been ideal scenario, but the unregistered sellers are continuing to charge full MRP from customers and keeping this Rs. 1500 in their own pocket.This is a large level scam happening all over from daily consumables to luxury items. The government should take strict actions to abolish such activities otherwise it shall turn out to be big big scam.