Haryana has urged the Central Government to sanction one India Reserve Mahila Battalion

Chandigarh, July 16— Haryana has urged the Central Government to sanction one India Reserve Mahila Battalion for dealing with female agitators and has also sought financial and technical support for modernisation of the police force. The State has also sought funds for the purchase of equipment for regional forensic science laboratories.
These and other demands were made by the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, while speaking at the eleventh meeting of the Inter-State Council in New Delhi, today. Convened after a gap of ten years, the meeting was chaired by the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi.
The Chief Minister said that the government has adopted a transparent policy for recruitment of Constables to Inspectors. The process is on for recruitment of 5,000 General Duty male constables, 1,000 constables under ex-servicemen category and 1,000 women constables. As a result of this recruitment, the percentage of women in police would increase from six to eight and thereafter, within a year, we shall increase this percentage to ten.
The state government has set up Women Police Stations at all district headquarters. This initiative has been widely appreciated. Women complainants are now more comfortable while narrating their grievances before lady police officers and majority of the women complainants want their grievances enquired into by Women Police Stations.”Encouraged by the response, we have recently taken a decision to open help desks at all police stations at the sub-division level to expand their reach”, he said.
The security environment in Haryana is largely impacted by the state’s proximity to the National Capital territory. The state faces a large number of agitations because of its location in the vicinity of New Delhi. Most of the agitators include large number of women, making it difficult for the male police to handle them. “The Central Government may consider sanctioning India Reserve Mahila Battalion for law and order duties in Haryana”, the Chief Minister demanded.
Referring to cyber crime, he said the state was in the process of establishing a State Level Cyber Crime Branch in Gurgaon which would have specially trained experts to crack such cases. There is urgent need to substantially increase the Central allocation under the Modernization of Police Force Scheme. Gurgaon and Faridabad are two mega cities which need a major push under this comprehensive scheme for which the state needs financial and technical help from the Central Government. Police housing should be re-included as one of the components while allocating funds under the MPF Scheme, the Chief Minister said.
The state has a fully equipped Forensic Science Laboratory at Madhuban, Karnal. Two regional forensic science laboratories have also been set up in Gurgaon and Rohtak while two others have been sanctioned for Panchkula and Hisar. “I request Central Government to provide funds to purchase equipment for these regional forensic science laboratories”, he said.
Gurgaon and Faridabad being the metropolitan cities require massive technical and financial support from Central Government for police modernization plan.
The State Government is preparing a thematic scheme for the next three years that is 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 and soon this would be sent to the Central Government.
Haryana Government had notified Haryana Police Act on June 2,2008 for amendment and consolidation of law concerning management. This Act focuses on six distinct directions given by the Supreme Court. We are analyzing the Model Police Bill,2015 to present our views to the Central Government.
The Chief Minister said that the state was in the process of strengthening its intelligence machinery down to the grass-roots level for up-gradation of the intelligence network. Separate recruitment rules have been notified for the CID on the pattern of the Intelligence Bureau with a view to creating a separate cadre of specially recruited, trained and dedicated personnel tasked to perform specialized intelligence gathering functions. “Continued support of the Central Government will be required for augmenting and upgrading the training facilities in this critical area”, he added.
The Chief Minister assured the Central Government that Haryana Police were fully geared up to deal with the activities of terrorists, fundamentalists, communal and anti-social elements, and prevent any disruption to the peace and communal harmony in the state.
The Haryana Government has decided to provide weekly rest to all police officers up to the rank of inspector. “We also propose to introduce shift system in police working so that police officials are not over-worked, are able to take care of their families and get sufficient hours of rest”, the Chief Minister said.
The state government has identified positive stories or best detection being followed at the police station level and other police officers or units. Up to July 14,2016, a total of 26 positive stories were uploaded on the website “Indian Police in the Service of Nation”, while 393 positive stories have been uploaded on the websites in the offices of commissioners and DSPs, the Chief Minister said.