Story telling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.

PANCHKULA-15-JULY-Following this belief, The British School, Panchkula has taken this initiative of organizing some Parent Oriented Activities in the school where the first one is a ‘Story Telling Session’.
Childhood is a time full of stories. So a set of 5 parents were invited in the school to narrate a story to the children of their child’s class.
It became an interesting experience for the parents when for the first time they stepped into their little one’s class. Ms.Ruchika Gupta, mother of Manya Gupta keep the children fascinated with the small dog of the story.
Ms.Geetika Gupta, mother of Krishiv Gupta narrated a story on Dolphins and a monkey.
Ms. Niti, mother of Shaarav Dahiya recited the story of the first animal on moon, Laika.
Ms.Shweta Choudhary, mother of adorable twins, Aryaveer and Shauryaveer, portrayed a story on Dinosaurs with the help of puppets, toys and models. She played a game with the children and distributed sweets and gifts.
Ms. Preeti Kathuria, mother of Prenit Kathuria used the shadow method to unfold the story about two people and explained the difference between good and evil. She used small puppets and a torch to showcase the story on the screen and left everyone spellbound.
Ms. Neha Ummat Sood, mother of Vibhav Sood told the story in a gentle and soft voice.
Ms Jasleen Kaur, mother of Anshika Sharma, bought a beautifully crafted coop of the little Red Hen and stick puppets of the hen, the dog, the cat and the pig. The story was really apt because the kids are studying about farm animals in the classroom these days. The parent presented the craft work to the class as a keepsake