Private bus giving the appearance of a Haryan State Roadways bus impouneded.

Chandigarh, July 1 – Haryana Transport Minister, Mr. Krishan Lal Panwar, today conducted a raid at Jhajjar and got impounded a private bus which had been given the appearance of a State Roadways bus.
The bus bearing registration number HR 63A 4343 was plying between Jhajjar and Badli. The privately-owned vehicle had been given the appearance of a State Roadways bus and also had the words ‘Haryana Shakti’ painted on it.
The Transport Minister said that complaints had been received that private bus operators were plying buses that had been painted to look like those of State Roadways. This caused losses to the Transport Department, and even the commuters were unable to differentiate between state-owned and private buses, he added.
He said that this was against the rules of Transport Department and further raids would be conducted to stop the operation of such buses.