Every Man Shall Plant Atleast One Tree – President Bharat Bhushan.

Panchkula 29 June 2016
Where in one side the last few days the whole country is celebrating Environment Day with lot of enthusiasm at the same time today at Panchkula Sector-20 All India Pollution Control Society’s Haryana President Bharat Bhushan organized the programme where the chief guests Shri Sital Dass Katru All India President and Shri Krishna Murti All India General Secretary along with Shri Ranbir Rawat Legal Advisor where present. The Society has initiated in tree plantation in Sector-20 Panchkula’s Swarna Dham Shamshan Ghaat by planting many Prolific as well as shady trees which was first of all initiated by Haryana’s President Bharat Bhushan who planted a Prolific plant. He also made an announcement saying the cutting down of trees everyday has led the environment to get so hot in todays era and this is why every person must take an oath to plant atleast one tree. Respected Sital Dass Katru also said that All India Pollution Control Society has been always committed to work for the society like this and would never at any cost let the environment get destroyed. In this event many youth were also seen to be present among whom Munish Garg, Bhuwan Tiwari, Gurwinder Singh, Manoj, Balwinder Kaur, Sukhdev Singh, Gupta Ji, Prince, Neelam and many others.