Workshop-cum-Conference on Green Building.

Panchkula-5 June-Consequent to the globalization and liberalization of Indian Economy, there has been a new found prosperity across the nation. This has given rise to boom in real estate development industries. The country is currently having a spurt of construction activities. Highways, over bridges, underpasses, malls, SEZs, housing complexes are coming up across the country. This is putting lot of strain on environment and ecology. Vast areas, which were under cultivation earlier, are turning into concrete jungles. The concept of environment friendly or “green” buildings has not really picked up in the country. The shift from conventional construction to “green construction” has not been at rapid pace. This is basically due to this being a costly option as well as adequate acknowledge of technology, technique and materials is not being disseminated effectively.

In order to promote the “green philosophy”, which ensures conservation of environment and ecological health, SEIAA and Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) and SEARCH Foundation organized a one day Workshop-cum-Conference on Green Building at Red Bishop Tourist Resort, Sector-1, Panchkula on 4th June, 2016 (Saturday).

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Haryana, Shri Manohar Lal Ji, inaugurated the event and encouraged the concept of green building by planting trees along with Shri Gian Chand, MLA Panchkula and other dignitaries. Hon’ble Chief Minister also launched Online Web Portal for Environment Clearance (EC) and released a Guiding Document for the creation of Nodal/Sub-Nodal Centers for environment and social management in the State of Haryana (Janam Bhoomi – Karam Bhoomi Concept).

Hon’ble CM stated that the world is acutely concerned about Environment and Global Warming concerns. However, there are lot of deep differences between Developed and Developing nations. A country like ours needs a balanced development regime. He stressed the concept of 3 R’s – Recharge, Recycle and Reduce.

He laid specific emphasis on the process of EC – it should be time-bound. He averred that any objections raised by SEIAA on the project should be in one go and not one after the other in series. The time limit of 90 days for the whole process should be strictly adhered to. EC process should be simple and corruption-free.

He added that Prime Minister’s “Swachh Bharat” is a great facilitator for better Environment all-around. On the same time, Haryana has also initiated ‘Swachh Haryana’ program.

Hon’ble CM appreciated efforts of SEIAA for adopting green building structures in Haryana state. He stated that considering the overall benefits to the State and builders, the Government would consider to create a scheme to encourage developers by the increasing the additional FAR for Green Building.

Panchkula MLA, Shri Gian Chand Gupta laid strong stress on Protection of Environment. He stated that Haryana Govt. is strongly committed for ecology health and better environment. He stated that the presence of CM here gives a clear indication of his commitment towards green environment.

Shri Bharat Bhushan, Chairman, SEIAA, Haryana brought out that Green Building takes a leading role in saving Valuable Resources of the State over its life span. He stated that Noida and Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh are allowing an additional FAR of 5%. On the similar lines, he suggested that Green Building should be given slightly higher FAR in the state of Haryana to encourage developers; this could compensate the additional expenditure incurred by the developers. He further stated that Environment Dept. is proposing integration of CESR (Corporate Environment and Social Responsibility) with EC.

The Conference was addressed by leading experts and authorities on various aspects of Green Building. The subjects covered included encouraging adoption of Green Building Practices & Major Aspects involved during EC appraisal process. There was a separate session dedicated towards CESR proposal brought out by SEARCH Foundation.

The conference was rounded off with the valedictory sessions which finalized the recommendations.