Joint Action Committee for restoration of Surface Parking in Sector 17.

Chandigarh-13/5/16-The Joint Action Committee for restoration of Surface Parking in Sector 17 held a meeting today to decide on the further course of action and take the agitation to the next level.
It was heartening to see that a number of Associations, visitors and Councilors came out in full support of the beleaguered Sector 17 Traders. Speaking across party lines, a large number of Councilors, from the BJP, Congress and other parties, including nominated Councilors spoke about the impracticality of closing the Surface Parking Lots. We are grateful to all for this overwhelming support for our cause.
In the entire history of the city, there has never been a traders agitation that has garnered so much support and created as much unanimity amongst the trading community. The complete Blackout of Sector 17 last night and the Half Day Bandh on 11 May, was clear evidence to this unprecedented camaraderie.
We propose to the Administration to take this forward by walking with the Traders who are the primary stakeholders in the issue.
1. A committee be formed with at least a 50% representation from the Sector 17 market in consultation with the JAC
2. The surface parking be opened from 11.30 am for visitors and customers only.
3. Traders, their staff and all other daily users be given parking stickers and we will collectively ensure that all the stickered vehicles will be parked in the multi level parking only.
4. We also agree with the Administration’s plan to make all 4 proposed Multi Level parking fully operational and then review the closure of the Surface Parking.

The Administration must understand that there is high resentment and anger amongst the traders and their staff as their livelihoods is at stake. We would like to go ahead and make the Multi Level Parking a success but it should be clear to the Administration that this success can be achieved only through the our participation.
We also insist that this fight is not just about traders, it is as much for the convenience and ease of the visitors and customers of the market.