Subhash Papneja – save water.

Panchkula -April 29

Central Government Water Committee Analysis BATHING…… By Shower consumes 100 litres. By Bucket 18 litres.. Saving 82 litres. FLUSHING after toilet By Flush is 20 litres By bucket is 6 litres Saving is 14 litres. WASHING CLOTHES In a running tap – 116 litres In a bucket .. 36 litres Saving is 80 litres. SHAVING In a running tap..5 litres In a mug .. 0.5 litres. Brushing Teeth In a running tap..5 litres Closed tap or Bucket .. 0.75 litres. Washing Car In running tap water nearly 100 liters……. white with single bucket 2 to 3 cars can be washed with just 18 liters……. Watering Potted Plants Inrunning tap water nearly 50 liters…… Bucket less than 10 liters…. Watering Garden Running tap 100 lites or even more in multiples…… sprinkler system only 25/ 30 liters Please Use Bucket n You will find a notable difference.. Choice is yours whether to enjoy n be safe with municipality / bore well water or disturb your family health by calling tankers water. Each family can save atleast 300 Liters of water per day with minor changes in life style…… Please Help Save Water….. Help Save Ur Future…… 󾍛󾍛c