Jat reservation agitation as a pre-planned conspiracy-Manohar Lal

Chandigarh April 18: Haryana Chief Minister Mr Manohar Lal described the incidents that occurred in Rohtak during the Jat reservation agitation as a pre-planned conspiracy. He said that these incidents were being investigated and stern action would be taken against those found guilty.
Mr Manohar Lal was interacting with the media persons at the residence of Finance Minister Capt. Abhimanyu which was damaged during the agitation at Rohtak today. The Chief Minister also visited Sukhpura Chowk, D-Park and Model Town areas and saw the private and commercial properties damaged during the agitation. He also interacted with the affected persons and assured them of the full support and cooperation of the State Government.
In reply to a question, the Chief Minister described the agitation as gruesome act which should be condemned. He said that shops were torched which not only caused financial loss but also snatched employment of many people. He said that on seeing the house of Finance Minister Capt. Abhimanyu, it seems that only a demon could only do such act. The agitators did not even spare the temple in the house. He said that many videos of the agitation have been received and strict action would be taken against those found guilty. He said that he smells a political conspiracy in the whole incident.
In reply to another question, he said that photograph of anyone with any political leaders is a common thing. He said that people have natural attraction to have photograph with leaders. In reply to yet another question, he said that no affected person should put his signatures on documents of less compensation. A committee has been constituted for the disbursement of compensation in which representatives from the society have also been included. Such people should give attention in the work of distribution of compensation.
The Chief Minister made it clear that neither cases would be registered against the innocent persons nor they would be subjected to any injustice. He said that the job of Parkash Singh Committee is to investigate the role of government officers and employees during the Jat Reservation agitation. Action would be taken against the guilty after receiving the report of the Committee, he added.