Pinjore Block is open defecation free.

Panchkula, March 28 Gram Panchayat Chikan has now become third Panchayat of Pinjore Block which declare that they are open defecation free. Gram Panchayat Rampur Jangi and Ramnagar had already declared the same.
Mrs. Hema Sharma was also present as Chief Guest in that meeting. She said that Education does not mean the knowledge of books, Awareness is also as necessary as books knowledge. She said that Gram Panchayat Chikan today declared itself as open defecation free Panchayat. Now Administration will send this proposal to State Government. After that a team of State Government will inspect the village and will send proposal to Centre Government. After that a team of Center government will come and inspect the village and after their all inspection the village will be declared by open defecation free by the Centre Government. She also advised the villagers to continue their this habit. She also told that today early in the morning She also visit Gram Panchayat Bhareli, Rattewali and Tibbi, where people told that earlier when they get up at morning, they feel mess in the village but now it is very clean. She also congratulate the Panchayat and hoped that this tradition will be continue process in the future.