Dispensary inaugurated by Sh. Vijay Dev,IAS Adviser to the Administrator

Chandigarh, 10th February, 2015: In an initiative of providing Medical Officersin all the villages of the city, the Department of Health in inter sectoralconvergence with the Department of Rural Development has taken one more stepof success ahead by launching 7th Alternative Medical Unit (AMU) in the citybeautiful at Village Daria today. The dispensary was inaugurated by Sh. Vijay Dev,IAS Adviser to the Administrator in the presence of Sh. Anurag Agarwal, IAS,Health cum Home Secretary, Dr. V.K. Gagneja, Director-Health and other officers. Appreciating the initiative Sh. Vijay Dev, IAS. Adviser to the Administrator saidthat presence of a qualified doctor in the village would prevent people from goingto quacks which will further improve the health indicators of the city. Sh. AnuragAgarwal, IAS, Health cum Home Secretary assured that soon all the villages of thecity will have a qualified doctor and Chandigarh will be the first city in India toachieve that status. This is the seventh AMU centre in the city with the provision of a doctor, apharmacist, ANM and a helper. The other six AMU centers are running in othervillages and are yielding good results in providing health services to the people ofvillages at their doorsteps. This helps to decrease OPD load on major hospitals ofthe city as wel