Speeding cars cause major accidents

Dec-16(Rakesh Thakur)

Speeding and luxury cars have always proved to be a killer combination in the past. The recent case in which two youth died after colliding with speeding Audi is an addition to the past incidents that the traffic police have severely failed to stop.The police have now come to know that the Audi car that killed two on Sunday wee hours on the Ferozepur road stretch that has snuffed out lives even in the past. The police have not been able to install lights or station personnel during the night time when such a speed becomes common at the stretch.The police have come to know that the driver of the Audi was having a race with a Skoda car on the fateful night. The owner of the vehicle was identified as Sumit who belongs to a business family of Sonepat in Haryana. According to the sources, the four digit number of the vehicle was 1116 that the police have been able to know.