Police arrest driver who stole Rs 22.5 crores in Delhi

Nov-27:(Rakesh Thakur)

Police arrested the driver of a Delhi cash transit van who stolen Rs 22.5 crores on Thursday.

Driver Pradeep Shukla, 35, allegedly ran away with the money at around 5:45pm on Thursday, in Delhi’s Govindpuri area. He was arrested in Okhla.

On Thursday, an armed guard accompanying the cash transit van – that had been used to pick up cash from an Axis bank branch asked the driver to stop the vehicle near Govindpuri Metro station so he could relieve himself. Shukla told the guard that he would wait for him in a lane nearby but he drove away instead.

The guard, Vinay Patel, informed his boss at the security agency and the police were notified.

Senior police officials maintained that this was not a case of robbery, but of criminal breach of trust. Scores of pickets and police checkpoints were set up across the city and checking of vehicles was intensified at the borders to track down the driver.