Let science reconstruct the path of policing ..celebrate world science day with panchkula police



On the eve of world science day which is celebrated world wide on november 10 th , lets celebrate with panchkula police the advent of science in policing , revamping its structure and approach.


Policing has changed starting from its primary interaction which has become web based namely Harsamay the online complaint portal of haryana police, Crime and Criminal tracking network and system where the Fisrt information report is registered online , DNA Fingerprinting being used at crime scenes, with advent of technology and its accessibility being convenient and widespread  police uses modern scientific techniques like mobile forensics and network analysis.


These modern day techniques have raised the bar for policing . To know how the police uses these  latest  techniques to link criminals and crime come join panchkula police for a seminar on the eve of science day nov 9 th at swami devi dyal college at 12.30 pm.