Consumers and General Public made aware of safety and standards of food materials.

 Chandigarh, November 6, 2015: Under the supervision of Dr. Rajinder K. Sharma, Designated Officer I/c Food Safety Administration, Chandigarh Health Department, Chandigarh, a joint team of Food Safety Officers Sh. Surinder Pal Singh & Sh. Bharat Kanojia on 06-11-2015 inspected the Industrial Area of Chandigarh for inspecting sweets manufacturing units in the said area. All the four manufacturing units in Industrial Area, Phase-II, Chandigarh were inspected. Alongwith this the sweet shop in the Area of Sector 45, Burail and Sector 44, Chandigarh were also inspected. Three samples including Khoya Burfi, Peda Sweet & Khoya were taken and sent to Food Analysis Laboratories, Chandigarh for analysis & examination.  . The Food vendors were also instructed to keep hygiene and quality standards as per Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006. It was brought to the notice of all shop owners that   manufacturing, selling, storing of food articles in un-hygienic condition, substandard food, adding any adulterant in food, stale food, unsafe food, which is injurious to health of the General Public will be fined a sum of Rs. Ten Lakh and imprisonment upto seven year. The consumers and General Public are made aware of safety and standards of food materials.