The all-new BMW X5 M and all-new BMW X6 M launched in India


Chennai. High performance models from the BMW M range – the all-new BMW X5 M and the all-new BMW X6 M were launched in India today.

Mr. Philipp von Sahr, President, BMW Group India said, “Inspired by motorsport, M is one of the most coveted badges of all and has shaped the history of performance automobiles. The next chapter will begin now with the all-new BMW X5 M and the all-new BMW X6 M,  raising the bar for high-performance sports cars with highly emotive design, increased output and outstanding efficiency. Their exclusivity, breath-taking agility and powerful acceleration combined with everyday usability sets them apart in its segment. When these two athletes from the M family flex their muscles, extreme power is unleashed.”

The tough off-roading characteristics of the BMW xDrive and the stunning power delivery of the BMW M range come together to give form to these winners from the BMW stable.

The all-new BMW X5 M is an unbeatable combination of flexibility and superior handling while the all-new BMW X6 M exudes an imposing presence wherever it goes. Commitment to high performance that defines an M vehicle is resoundingly highlighted by the impressive performance figures of both the vehicles.

The all-new BMW X5 M and the all-new BMW X6 M are available at BMW dealerships across India as CBU (Completely Built-Up) units at the following ex-showroom prices –

The all-new BMW X5 M : INR 15,500,000

The all-new BMW X6 M : INR 16,000,000